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Still mention her in not-game related videos. Now she's publicly dating Guy and Oliver, a 30 year old is dating a 19 year old Brazilian model.

It became a major hit and was well received by the vast majority It has happened before and I'm sure they'll clear it out, when they're in a position that they can talk. Harry nude pics. At this point it is about speaking up for human decency because the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. Sara heimis nude. If you already know everything about someone, and there's not chance you could learn anything new him or her would you take the time to read a thread about such a person?

I know Karuna is a scammerand I've heard others are pretty bad. Now, Rich Piana and his ex wife Sara Heimis Heimisdotrr in Icelandand any of the 5 percenters, there's milk flowing beyond reality coming from them. Proof is in the Facebook comments. Rich Piana could have died that day! The mobile site looks so shitty on PC. Remember the website that was just supposed to be a database of transgender people? You will always live in my heart. Nude pics of rosa acosta. I don't use twitter so haven't heard what she's been up to since the league thots thread was active.

Neither of that is on the show yet. Bonus video for example https: About being a "published model", about the amount of followers she has, about how blessed she is even though she's actually a miserable bitch putting on a front for the internetabout how much tips she makes at her shitty bar job, about how her fat emo boyfriend is the best man in the world, about going on vacation, about getting new tattoos, about her hair and the clothes she buys.

The level of manipulation showed in the video, where Rich is completely helpless, barely conscious and at his most vulnerable while she films and tries to incriminate him, is a clear case of ABUSEand she should face some form of legal consequences for it. It's all behind a very specific context.

So, I stand in "Make a thread to talk about her pointless content" or "Don't talk about her AT ALL, especially, don't flood this thread with her shit". Yes i want a thread on her! Bzzt, nope, not gonna pay. Is anyone else interested in a thread about Taylor Nicole Dean? I see too many of them recently on twitch. And just like Moomoo, has the habit of clapping back especially at other girls, especially when they're prettier than her. The girl that went to social repose's house. Recently he got fired from his job at the petrol station for being lazy and ranting about his job and coworker per youtube some stalker discovered where he worked and reported his videos to his boss and also almost impregnated his single mom ex-girlfriend because he refused to use condoms.

She also has a post about her on The Dirty. Now she leeches on to famous people and is embarassing herself in a whole different community and acts Autistic to match her BF who is mildly known on youtube.

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I wasn't really even referring to lolcow posters per se bc basically everyone here is anonymous and abides by anonymity more like poltards, b-tards, PULLfags, kiwis, redditors, CGL, etc.

They then went back through the post history of the poster than started it all on Dynasty. Girls naked aerobics. The last thing we need is a mass of autistic, Alt-Right, edgy trolls a-logging, doxxing and shitting up all over the place.

What annoys me the most is that they're clearly both so proud of themselves. She stayed in New Zealand. I feel he has potential as a cow, but idk if there's interest in someone from the retro gaming community. Also think she's gained some weight BC she's been in hiding only posting throwbacks and extremely bad shoops.

I don't have his dox, but I'm sure somebody does and someone could make a thread on him and considering that he's been pissing everyone off for a while, I'm sure that there will be an overwhelming consensus for a thread to be made on him for being a mentally ill faggot and a total waste of space. Sara heimis nude. Anyways, I'm just really curious about her.

As well constantly lying and stealing money on a weekly basis kek. But from what I understand, there were videos of him being abused. What do farmhands think? Before whatever the fuck she did to her face. Lesbians with short hair porn. There are some women whose appearance drastically changes in a span of five years and then Certain actions that Null does such as stalking a certain member who shall not be named since she's been discussed enough, but is overall harmless, for over a year with over the top edgelording and a-logging is milky and indicative of a lolcow.

Originally Posted by Griggz.

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BUT I feel like Cassidy is a total gatekeeper and blew it out of proportion. And so like with the leaked audioand despite his state, Rich knew something fishy is going on.

I think she's milky, and her sunny disposition toward being torn apart in threads is a facade, so it'd be interesting to see her sperg. Link please She's so gross lol I hadn't heard of Whitekitten before, only looked at the first couple of pages. Huge Boobs Get Titty Fucked. KL is the proto patreon whore, she was putting her naked underage body on deviantart back in s and always came off as such a bitch in the comments.

Saved you al thirty bucks. Her husband appears to be some satanic metalhead who works as a stylist with Redken. I think it's worthwhile to have a thread on him if they can find some way to keep the autism and shitposting in check, but the how is a discussion that the mods are going to have to have.

It happens every time. Does Patreon still open subscriptions without charging one's card? I dont get how she has so many followers? That and it was rather boring and Zzz worthy. Now she leeches on to famous people and is embarassing herself in a whole different community and acts Autistic to match her BF who is mildly known on youtube.

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She's not really a public figure, just social in gym-rat circles, and a raging hellbeast. For example, when Sara Piana took to social media to cheer up a thug who had stalked Rich Piana at a fitness expo and tried to physically assault Rich. Pictures naked fat women. The drama in the LA con community is really heating up around that dude.

Save it in case but let her be…. Information has emerged that Sara Piana's intimacy with the bondsman has allowed her to avoid having to go to court to face charges. But i'm calling it, she's starting her downward spiral, she's gonna end up hitting full dramacow soon. Nude caitlin stasey Sara heimis nude. Is the thread even feasible or is Josh the only lolcow who's autism is even too great for a thread on here? Nobody is going to pay to see a slightly older version of those lopsided floppers again, no wai Raven.

He is an enormous cow. I think I heard he was living in Buffalo, NY which is depressing, it's a shithole imo. Everything was streamed and it's really cringy since you can see how he's shaking while recording lol https:

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Hd blowjob cum She's literally dumb af.
Must read lesbian books The way they flush their cash is morbidly fascinating.
Girl getting tattoo on her pussy She photoshops herself to look ansolutely ridiculous. Is there something in the later pages that's super juicy or something? Maybe regarding this out would be an idea to attach ip-bound names as on April's fool the names were actually funny or ip-bound IDs as in 4chan.
Sunny leone nude dance in private party Originally Posted by ProjectWheyhem. At this point it is about speaking up for human decency because the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing. Turning up to social reposes house was a bit weird, but ever since he and Jaclyn rebuffed her, she's like obsessing over Lainey and Onion.
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