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My favorite thing to make is pizza from scratch. Acting is obviously a huge passion for along with modeling.

They are too young with too much money and doing way too much partying and drugs. Huge lesbian orgy. It's all so different and you need to be able to recognize the technicalities of what's involved in that particular moment. Matthew stephen herrick nude. One is more retro based and the other is very, what I like to call, personality.

This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services - Click here for information. I'm kind of a prude in certain ways. And I never wanted to make up a fake name because I found that to be a bit cheesy. Consider yourself as a sex symbol?

I was just recently having that conversation with a friend of mine. In the time we live in now, with the gay community fighting for equal rights, it's really important to show the community as much more, human beings that are relatable to anyone. Sometimes also, my quietness can be interpreted as being shy when in reality I am just observing the crowd. Gods girls nude. In some people's minds if you pose nude, you are basically doing something pornographic or you got those 'OMG I would never do that!

What's the deal with the Portis Wasp name since we are talking shit about names? Don't get me wrong, I love the work and will have future opportunities whether they are clothed or not but I need to hang up the lack of clothes for a while and focus on something different.

Are you not worried your name makes you sound a bit like a medieval wizard? At the end of the day if I'm proud of the work and the people that matter to me are proud of me. I always say 'A Single Man' was the most gay non-gay film that showed exactly what Who Leads film does in my opinion.

Yes, it's about gay characters but that's just something that is, not something that needs to be exploited and emphasized in such a blatant way.

Casting directors have alot of people to see in a short amount of time. I would love to return. I grew up watching a lot of gangster movies and horror films. March 29, at 1: Blogger Template Created by pipdig. What really stands out in those pics are some really badass Photoshop skills. I spent a lot of time helping my Dad in the kitchen growing up.

I actually am a great cook. There are so many attractive people in Los Angeles with such unattractive personalities. May 3, at

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Culture wise I love Italian.

I love anything outdoors and to experience new things. Monster ass xxx. What's most important about this film, I think is the fact that these characters although gay men, are never depicted as just that. Make a definite choice and if it's wrong, it's wrong.

I need to keep the momentum and stay busy. I would kill to be in something as brilliant as that show. Newer Post Older Post.

I walk in with a decision I made for that particular piece and hope that what I put out there through my interpretation is something that the casting directors are looking for in that particular moment.

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I come from 5 brothers and two sisters. There's so much more to be discovered and shown. It was really interesting perspective. Matthew stephen herrick nude. Jealousy fills me - sounds great! You make sure that your movements and actions with the words have a purpose. The way you interpret something may be a way to open the casting directors eyes to a different option for the part, or you might have just fucked yourself.

I spent a lot of time helping my Dad in the kitchen growing up. Amatuer milf sites. I absolutely love the food and the beautiful architecture and the religious influences. October 23, at How do you prepare for a casting? Are you a great cook?

I have worked with some of the most amazingly talented and known photographers who shoot the most beautiful series of people in their most natural form. They more than make up for the ordinariness of the facial features. I think the bar is getting set higher and higher these days. I still am looking for that opportunity. Over time, I just rolled with it. No I like it Matt, why have two names when you can have three! As a kid I remember going to Kindergarten in the afternoon and my mom would always watch that as I sat with her in the morning eating my cereal and playing with my G.

Posted by Portis Wasp at Friday, April 29, What is your favorite TV series?

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