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I was expecting to see something really cheesecakey. It's also based on potentially misleading evidence concept artwork, even final design concept art is not the finished product and ignores the designers own thoughts on the character. Animal girl sexy video. Why do game companies pay so little attention to what fan say on the internet.

Who are you to say what sports cars should and shouldn't look like? I'm making nude Chell for the second time now.

Chell raised an eyebrow at it, then immediately looked back down when GLaDOS' naked form walked in front of it. Portal chell naked. Wheatley captures her and forces her to run tests for him until she finds his lair. Chelle isn't that pretty because she has no makeup. I've always pronounced it like in Charlie. Vote Sign up to access this! Sorry, you need to Log In to post a reply to this thread.

Portal chell naked

I was expecting something like "she was modelled on Michelle Rodriguez". Oh my god, she has ankles. I believe that you're just experiencing Gawker's new site design, which is like shit piled upon bile piled up Andy Dick.

Chell is saved by GLaDOS, who lets her leave the facility via an elevator that takes her to the surface. Sexy girls nude porn pics. Contents [ show ]. Lab Rat, Valve's Michael Avon Oeming commented that, currently, "Chell is more of a storytelling device," comparing her to the Spirit character by Will Eisner, but noted that more may be seen of Chell in the future When making Portal 2, developers considered not bringing back the character.

Her identity was matter-of-factly unimportant in the game, but it has become kind of central to the marketing. Seems straight forward enough to me so I don't know why anybody would look at that and have their first thought be "fanservice"! If you look at this picture, you can see that the thing that looks like a bare midriff is actually the folded down underside of her jumpsuit, where it's still cinched at the waist.

They liked the turrets, so give them new and fun Aperture Science robots. You mock, but think of how many extra earthquakes Chell's new look is undoubtedly going to cause. I'll guess that some were confused thinking that Chell was a clone of the character from the first game produced years later, others were maybe confused about how much she had been awake between the first and second game if she had time to change her clothes.

I think that the image of the made-up woman is so pervasive including images of woman "without makeup" in movies who are actually very elaborately made up that many people tend to react to it like that. I much prefer the tanktop. Still, Chell fought on and tried the Portal Wound. Lab RatValve's Michael Avon Oeming commented that, currently, "Chell is more of a storytelling device," comparing her to the Spirit character by Will Eisnerbut noted that more may be seen of Chell in the future.

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There is no need to speculate on Valve's motives - they wanted her look to be "same but different". Cougar big natural tits. If we put the two faces side by side and ignore the rest of the image we get this: That's definitely a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. This page was last edited on 19 Aprilat Yes, if you watch the Portal 2 "Wheatley" trailer you see her getting reformed.

The rivalry between the two continued during the second edition of the Fiction Wrestling Awards, where Trixie Tang and Timmy Turner teamed up and sneakily scored the victory over Gordon Freeman and Chell. As both Portal games are presented in a first-person view, Chell is only seen fleetingly in normal gameplay, usually when portals are aligned in such a way that the player is able to create a recursive view of Chell.

But it's still prettifying up a character who really wasn't sexy in any way at least, the few screenshots I've seenand making her looks a part of the "face" of the game. Young Gwen, anxious and annoyed, challenged whoever was behind these videos to face her in a match on XX 5. Nor is it really the case with women, in my experience. Portal chell naked. That's a lot less fanservicey than what i can see looking out my window, on a February afternoon.

I usually wear hoodies when it's cold out initially but when I start to warm up for whatever reason usually exerciseI will take it off and tie the sleeves around my waist so I'm not stinking the place up when I sweat. She made a sound! The Power of Paint. My initial attempts at pronouncing her name with a hard "ch" were downright embarrassing, before I was politely corrected. Kind nude women. Chell is a playable character in the crossover game Lego Dimensionsand has access to her portal gun.

For example her arms got twisted in game so bad that there was no point trying to fix it.

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Showing a lot more skin, for one thing far more than their initial concept art for Portal 2, as well ; though far less skin than a publicly acceptable bikini at the beach, it's the change that's significant, not the amount of skin being shown. Though I suppose we'll have to see how the final model actually looks, as even Alyx from HL2 didn't seem to have eye-liner though she did have a significantly more detailed face in general, looking at some screenshots to refresh my memory.

Im not going to look at some butt ugly bitch. Looking at it from this perspective, Chell in Portal is exceptional because there's no reason at all for her to be female. I mean when it's warm, running around in a tank top when doing strenuous activities is sort of Please get dressed so I can stop watching how awesome the floor is. Her manager, Wheatley, does all of the talking while Chell is strictly a woman of action.

AsIsAy Joined 8y ago. Some people wear the bare face better than others some even look more appealing without makeup. Chell, as she appears in Portal 2. Melissa d tits. So, really, I feel the same way about your response that you felt about Jondera's.

Meanwhile, Chell stood up inside the ring and received thunderous chants of "She's hardcore!

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