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March 3rd, at 7: I thought that Mariska seemed very romantic and commanding leading Hillary around, and all I could think of in my head, "My, don't they look She is a second rate skank who is lucky to have a spot on that show.

There are also some more good ones at the Mariska Hargitay Debate Club. Girls saggy tits. Kathy's got acting chops—love ya bitch! EvaDiva — Shut the heck up. Mariska hargitay lesbian kiss. Not everyone feels the way you do and its people like you that give the 1st amendment a bad name. I don't think cutting that scene had anything to do with homophobia. I could have sworn I saw Griffin kiss Hartigay on there, it was just a brief lip meeting and then Hartigay was like "whoah, I'm straight!

She knows about this site. They Cut Kathy's Kiss! A separate insider on the Hollywood Insider thread said this: Look at the pics of Mariska and Peter, and it is the exact opposite. When I was reading Mariska's interview in the Jan. First stucky then dean now Babbs…… When will she kiss elliot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lives by her own rules. Free lesbian incest sex videos. Just because homosexuality needs to be more accepted doesn't mean that every show has to induct a gay storyline.

What I would like to see is someone courageous enough to fight back against D Wolf's homophobia, grab the 'Kiss' off the cutting room floor and post that passionate makeout session that K. Moogle80 says — reply to this. Believe what you will. Don't you think that's a little dramatic? Could have lived without seeing it i mean iiiiiiick…who wants to see kathy kiss anyone seriously!? Kellergirl says — reply to this. YES, it definitely was her, and many people came up to say 'hi'' before the show.

Junior Detective Monique Jeffries Never truly fleshed out or given time to shine, leading her to be replaced by Ice-T. Feb 8 I know you can't be out because of your morality clause, but you can at least speak up in a general way. Perez, you need to get over yourself and stop whining everytime you don't agree with something. The episode last night was a great one! Am I the only one who thinks Maria's dress was practically falling apart in the movie premiere photos?

But hey, the world keeps spinning for those of us who don't really care anymore either way. She doesn't even look like she's been sick!

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I don't see how it could have hurt the episode… which btw felt like it played too much on stereotypes lesbians have been trying to break for a LONG time. I think Law And Order is just beyond ridiculous.

Notice Kathy's character's words: Kelly did not bring a male date of her own. Lesbian 3gp sex videos. Glad they cut it. Phibes says — reply to this. I could have sworn I saw Griffin kiss Hartigay on there, it was just a brief lip meeting and then Hartigay was like "whoah, I'm straight! Guess that was a response to The Mariska and Kathy kiss ends up a little homophobic coup, and This Article 's expectations.

I was grateful to be alive to watch such an epic. So she's a classy lesbo.

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As I was still going on and on about literally bumping into Mariska, when who should come back, but Mariska, clutching onto a woman's arm. March, while they were out for drinks, and DW cuts that out. Who wants to see her kiss anybody? After the concert, a whole gaggle of lesbians were gabbing about Lucy in front of the Canal Room, waiting for the bus to pick us up.

Ewww, it was probably cut because Kathy Griffin is gross. It was fake, meant for the cameras but if those two were the real deal I would call it adorable. Lesbian home invasion. Mariska hargitay lesbian kiss. Not here, but at the Switzer site. You can imagine my surprise a couple of years ago when I found out that Mariska was engaged to man she was "so in love with" - who knows? But I guess that line of thinking is a little to in depth for your tiny one sided mind to comprehend!!

He said that they were checking out guys and giggled like little girls any time some hot looking stud showed up. It's just because of your American censors, for the land of the free you don't have much freedom. She is a second rate skank who is lucky to have a spot on that show. Also it's possible that it was cut not because people find two women kissing to be offensive but rather because most people find Kathy Griffin's face offensive.

They did not kiss or make out or nothing, and Olivia wasnt undercover, she was just staying with her to protect her from a lezbo killer, and babs leaned in to kiss but olivia backed away, the was no lip anything. So I have been around the block. OMG, this was disgusting and completely weird. Jessie summers nude. Welcome Guest [Log In] [Register]. Porkez, stop bitching about your homocrap.

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