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Film lesbian vampires

There may be a message in this somewhere that I have yet to find.

Dracula's Daughter gave the first hints of lesbian attraction in a vampire film[2] in the scene in which the title character, portrayed by Gloria Holdenpreys upon an attractive girl she has invited to her house to pose for her.

It's not the best lesbian vampire flick out there, but its glee at depicting two girls in lust with each other albeit a deadly lust involving blood-sucking is at least mildly entertaining. Free full lesbian sex movies. With the curse lifted, the three survivors decide to continue ridding the world of evil. Film lesbian vampires. Rebecca attempts to seduce Fletch, who does not know what she is.

Vampire lesbians, is there any creature more seductive, hypnotic or seductively sinful? You mentioned the book that the series is based on, but the web series that has been produced has taken many tropes you speak of and turned them around on themselves! Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Are you following us on Facebook? He goes to see Dr. Delphine has a respectable history in art house films of the s, and worked with several of the best directors of her day.

Twins of Evil had the least "lesbian" content, with one female vampire biting a female victim on the breast. Jimmy is dumped by his unscrupulous girlfriend, and Fletch is fired from his job as a clown for punching a child. There is an old legend stating that the Vampire Queen, Carmilla, descended on the village during the night of a blood moonkilled its menfolk and seduced its women to her evil.

Making It Out Alive: Posted October 27, at 5: This can easily be read as a feminist pamphlet, yet sympathies with the characters gradually change; though the husband is portrayed as utterly despicable right from the start, we also end up feeling for him towards the end, when he becomes a deeply flawed character chased by mysterious forces beyond his control.

But it shows that the allure of the lesbian vampire still remains viable today, even though few lesbian vampire flicks are made anymore. One of the hallmarks of the film is the tendency of the schoolgirls' dresses to fall off their shoulders, and male voyeurs are ever-present in this movie, watching girls swimming and kissing, waiting behind the door to a room in which two women are engaged in, well, vamping with each other.

So, clearly, the complaint that these films are often misogynistic is perfectly valid, and yet, this and some other lesbian vampire movies either criticize the patriarchy or outright condemn it. I think some of them are pretty rad, some of them are a little too long, and at least one of them completely freaks me out. Both comments and trackbacks are closed. Teacher lesbian tube. Yes, there is a problematic relationship between sexuality and violence in these movies, and many lesbian vampire flicks are nothing more than vehicles for the male desire to see hot women biting each other.

Lesbians in specific were more workable for audiences if they were highly sexualized, sought to kill and replace men as any self-respecting straw feminist would, and, most importantly, were ultimately killed for their treachery. Before starring in some of the more sexualized Jess Franco films, she had a somewhat unexpected history as a young pop star in Spain, and you can watch one of her videos here. You now have my full attention. According to the director, it was meant as an indictment, rather than a celebration, of Franco-era Spanish male machismo — but it fails so utterly to communicate that, that it becomes exactly the opposite: Vampyros Lesbos — This is where I start to get emotional.

Personally, Fascination is just one of my favorite horror films ever made. Also known as Vampires vs.

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And that is how you start a movie, everyone. This movie was done by Julie Delpy, who both directs and stars as Bathory, like a boss. Cheap nude dresses. When her job takes her to a small island off the coast of Turkey, her nightmares, of course, come true. As for the rest of the films on this list, definitely gonna check them out.

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One thing to keep in mind when you walk into a Jean Rollin movie is that most of his films were only funded based on him selling them to studios as pornographic, so there are definitely some extended sex scenes in here. Film lesbian vampires. So, Western World vampire tropes are pretty explicitly grounded in the patriarchy, and, as we all know, nobody wants to see that.

Boob s On Your Tube: The baron forged a sacred sword, then defeated Carmilla, but before dying, Carmilla cursed the village, adding that when the blood of the last of Mclaren's bloodline mixed with a virgin girl's blood, Carmilla would be resurrected. When it does, we watch as Eva absolutely terrorizes the group of theives. Draculathe schlocky film Vampyros Lesbos is the tale of young American lawyer Linda Westinghouse, who is working in Istanbul because she'd have to be in Eastern Europe to be closer to potential lesbian vampires.

Aside from little things, little loose ends left untied and such, we are given what amounts to parallel storylines in Carmilla, the Lesbian Vampire. There are hundreds of lesbian vampire stories in the world, and very few of them deviate from the basic plot of the novella Carmilla by Joseph Le Fanu.

Women in comics Feminist science fiction Yaoi Yuri Slash fiction. Black lesbian dating sites. That lesbian angle, not unsurprising for the time this was filmed in, is only ever so subtle, but clear enough to warrant an inclusion in this list. The Blood Spattered Bride — The overall stylishness of Nadja has only aged for the better in the two decades since its release.

At the church, the Vicar researches the vampire slayer who killed Carmilla before arming himself and setting off to find Jimmy. Also to their credit, many of the wide selection of lesbian vampire films are backed by supremely talented actors. Lesbian fiction Sexuality in fiction Vampires in popular culture. Also perfectly fashionable, her vampire sidekick, whose simple style and bobbed hair are based on the glorious silent film star, Louise Brooks. Predictably, the sex in all of these films is the very definition of male gaze, which… might not surprise you, but I mean… still sucks, come on.

Charles Busch 's play Vampire Lesbians of Sodom is a popular example of the genre. Lust for a Vampire This version had her falling in love with a male teacher at the school. When she attacks him, she is inadvertently impaled on the sword. Indian lesbian massage. One of the hallmarks of the film is the tendency of the schoolgirls' dresses to fall off their shoulders, and male voyeurs are ever-present in this movie, watching girls swimming and kissing, waiting behind the door to a room in which two women are engaged in, well, vamping with each other.

It seems like some not intended for the straight male gaze. The whole time, one of my all-time favorite songs is playing, a dark, dreamy song with an irrestistably basic Hammond organ pre-recorded drumbeat and chilling yet seductive organ sounds.

Daughters of Darkness — In the s, there was a fad in horror films where privileged, angry men with Beatles hair and snappy wardrobes were the main characters of pretty much every single movie.

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